Christmas Eve …

I have walnut and raisin bread rising.  I have stuffed the goose with a mix of sausagemeat, cranberries, apricots soaked in Cointreau, crumbled black pudding, a mixture of white and soda bread crumbs.  I have made stuffing balls with herbs from the garden, and more breadcrumbs.

I have rubbed fivespice powder into the goose’s skin, and Pete is currently trimming his legs (the goose’s, that is!) with a hacksaw so that I can fit it in the oven.  Mr Goose will be basted with the aforementioned Cointreau, and some honey.

I have cooked a gammon in ginger beer, cloves, cinnamon and satsumas.  I have made a huge fruit cake laced with bourbon.  I have pigs in blankets, and red cabbage in the freezer. I still have to do do the potatoes, sprouts and parsnips, and make brandy butter, but we’re on target.  Tomorrow’s plan is to go for a walk on the North Sea coast once Johnny Goose is en-ovened, to work up an appetite.  And there will be smoked salmon and blinis for Xmas Day high tea.

*And* I have industrial quantities of Maltesers.  Well, it is Christmas.

I wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas, and see you in the New Year!

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  1. Helen in the UK says:

    Hope you did indeed have a good xmas. May your New Year be happy and healthy and full of good food 🙂

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