chocolate overload

For a few years, we have received a monthly box from the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club. They are beautiful chocolates – rich and intense, and so not to be scoffed in a sitting, but rather savoured over several days.

But somehow we fell out of the habit of eating them, and had two unopened boxes sitting under the coffee table. This weekend I changed the order to deliver one box every 12 weeks, and last night we decided to open a box.

We had one large and two small chocs each, and I couldn’t sleep for chocolate overload; this morning I feel as though I have a hangover, which is deeply unfair, as I have cut my alcohol intake by about 80% recently, and haven’t had a drink since (I think) Monday evening, when I had one glass of wine.

And so we will have to ration ourselves to one an evening, which is quite difficult – because although the after effects are severe, the *consumption* is very enjoyable.