chickpeas and chorizo

chorizo and chickpeasusing up: chickpeas, a courgette, fresh coriander, a rather shrivelled lemon

I soaked and boiled some chickpeas for Saturday’s vegetable tagine, and as usual, I did too many.  I found a courgette in the fridge that was going a bit manky at one end, so that needed eating up as well, and the freezer audit revealed *14* chorizo sausages, which really does seem rather too many.  A plan was formed.

I chopped up:

one red onion, most of one courgette (see above), three cloves of garlic, one red pepper and two chorizo sausages. Set these to sauté over a low heat in some olive oil.  When you cook chorizo, they give off a lovely paprika-y juice, so don’t use too much oil if you’re doing this.

I let them cook for about 20 minutes over a fairly low gas, then added the chickpeas and the juice of a lemon, and carried on for, oh, about ten minutes on as low a gas as possible, just to warm them through.

Just before serving, I stirred in a handful of chopped coriander.  Decanted it into bowls and scoffed.

Followed it with local strawberries – yes really, in mid September!  More on that story later.