chicken pie

chicken pie

With what I thought was the last of the chickie!, we made a pie.

Roughly chopped an onion, and fried it off with a pack of pancetta cubes in some olive oil.  Added some of the carrot/swede combo that I cooked on Sunday, some chopped sage from the herb garden, and some chopped chicken, and warmed it through.

Stirred in some flour (about 1.5 tablespoons, I’d guess) until everything was coated, then added milk bit by bit until it reached an appropriate consistency.

In the meantime, P had rolled out the thawed puff pastry and lined the pie dish (I may like cooking, but I’m damned if I’m making puff pastry in the week!).  Decanted the filling in, put on a pastry lid, brushed with milk and into the oven at Gas 7 for about half an hour.

Ate it with boiled spuds and steamed cabbage.  Enough for another meal too!