chicken pie

(Or, at least, the filling thereof).  We had a roast chicken last week, a 5lb one.  It fed four for one meal, we had a stir fry the next night, then Pete stripped the carcass and I made stock, and then soup from the bones.

But the remaining meat languished in the fridge – somehow we just didn’t get to it.  So last night, I made it into a filling for a brace of chicken pies.

I took two leeks, chopped them down the middle, and then into fine slices, and sautéd them off in some olive oil.  Chopped a pack of back bacon that really did need eating, but was not particularly good bacon, and added that to the pan. When the bacon was cooked, I tipped in the chopped chicken and stirred until it was hot.

Then added some flour to coat it all, a teaspoon of dijon mustard, and then milk until it was the sort of consistency I wanted.  All of this went on to a chorus of anguish from five cats, who felt that inside them was a much more suitable resting place for any chicken remains.  So they got the duck giblets from the night before – spoilt, you say? 🙂

It made two tubs’ worth of pie fillings, which will make eight portions of pie – so the chicken did 14 portions, plus soup, for a fiver.

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  1. Perfect case for buying a higher welfare chicken! 🙂

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