chicken fusion pie


As it’s a bank holiday weekend here, we decided to splash out on a Chickie! from the wonderful T L Norman on Princes Ave. Pe picked up a 5.5ln bird on Friday morning, and we roasted it on Saturday, with potatoes, and fennel and carrots from the veg box.

Yesterday, we had cold chickie!, and wondered what to have with it. I surveyed the contents of the fridge, which included a celeriac (of which I am not unduely fond), and an elderly sweet potato. A quick google brought forth this rather nice recipe for a celeriac and sweet potato puree, which Pete made, and it was lovely.

We didn’t eat all the puree, so in a rather courageous fusion recipe, we have made a pie filling out of cold chicken, the left over fennel and carrots, and the puree. It is about to be enrobed in puff pastry from the freezer (life really is too short to make puff pastry) and we shall consume it with some spring greens.

It smells OK …

The chicken carcase has gone into the freezer to make soup, and the rest of the cold meat is in a bowl in the fridge – it might be enfreezered too, as we are away next weekend, and have a lot of veg to eat up.


  1. PickledGinger says:

    That sounds gorgeous!

    (And the mention of celeriac reminds me of my favorite recipe for roast chicken and veg. It’s a bit of work, but worth it; nice for serving to a crowd. I love the garlic mashed potato stuffing, and the roast alliums and root veg are delicious, too. The only changes I make to the recipe are interpreting the garlic quantities generously — those drink-sized jars of peeled garlic? I now use one of those — and peeling the garlic that goes into the roasting pan. Though, fennel — that could work.)

  2. mac says:

    I just cut the end off a a whole bulb and hurl that in 🙂

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