chicken (and duck) soup

I stuck the chicken carcass in the slow cooker (how I love that thing!) with just some water, and cooked it overnight to make stock. And then I cooked it again the next night, as I hadn’t got round to removing the chicken from it and stripping the last of the meat from the bones (Pete did it for me in the end).

I had quite a lot of elderly veg languishing in the fridge, so I peeled (where necessary) and diced one sweet potato, one huge carrot, one courgette, and a big leek.  Cooked them down in some olive oil to start them off.  There was so much veg that one tubful went into the freezer, which will be nice the next time I’m making soup.

Then in went the chicken stock, some cracked wheat (which I bought by mistake instead of barley), seasoning, and as a final flourish the last of the gravy from Monday’s roast duck, nicely flavoured with cider, and thickened with arrowroot.

Topped up with water, and cooked it slowly the next morning for 3 hours, before devouring some for lunch.  There’s enough there to do at least four days, if not more.  A chicken is a wondrous thing 🙂