chaos ensues

Makeshift kitchen

This blog should probably be temporarily renamed as Tales from a Makeshift Kitchen Рwe are having a new kitchen installed, which has involved knocking out the dining room window and replacing with French doors, making a bloody great hole in the kitchen dining room wall, and at the weekend, removing the current units. Now we just have to wait until Martin from Zenith has built the new units and installs them.  Aargh.

There’s an ongoing gallery of photos on Flickr, should you care to see.

We have set up a sort of field kitchen, consisting of:

  • a microwave / grill / oven combi
  • a single ring induction hob
  • a Remoska
  • a slow cooker
  • two saucepans and a steamer basket
  • two cast iron saute pans with lids (one large, one small)
  • one cast iron griddle pan
  • a folding table

We also have a small subset of kitchen equipment, most of the herbs and spices, and some of the utensils.

Last night, I constructed dinner of chicken pie (bought, I’m afraid), with boiled potatoes and steamed sprouts, and that was OK, though I need to find somewhere else to chop veg.

This morning, Pete decided to have a bash at one of our staple breakfast foods, drop scones. We have a cast iron griddle, and the induction hob – how hard could it be? We located scales, pyrex jug. We found a different tablespoon to the one he likes. We excavated a fish slice from a box of Stuff. Off he went.

Hmm … it never occurred to us that the point of induction is that it heats the pan. The part of the pan that is *on the ring*. So they took a while, and were not as nice as usual, but hey – scones. It worked.

More tales of tribulations to follow.