Words. Fail. Me.

This was drawn to my attention by my mate Budley. It has to be a spoof, but it’s a pretty disturbing one. Ewwww. dinnerinabottle.com

what to do with Stilton

I bought a big lump of Stilton for the festive table. It’s untouched. www.stiltoncheese.com looks very useful.


this looks interesting … “Welcome to Wildfoods, the food explorers website! Discover fresh harvests from the wild Caledonian forests of Scotland to the scrub-lands of Australia. Taste our delicate oils and vinegars from France, Italy and Greece or savour the intense flavour of our truffles gathered from all over Europe. Wildfoods bring you fresh and…

fruit and veg don't have to look perfect

Hurrah for Waitrose – according to this story from the Independent, they are ” launching a range of “ugly” looking seasonal fruit at discounted prices for use in cooking. The “class two” produce will be either visually flawed or oddly shaped, according to Waitrose, but otherwise perfect for eating.” Now – if only the great…

quelle horreur!

From today’s Times comes an article about how some French chefs are “spraying an omelette with a truffle-flavoured chemical and injecting fake wild-mushroom drops into a duck filet” more here.

hard to find foods

May be found at www.hardtofindfoods.co.uk … providing, of course, you’re looking for what they sell. And if you don’t mind the spelling errors. But useful, nonetheless.

bureaucracy run amok (again)

A woman who baked a cake for a friend at a day centre was told it breached health and safety regulations. Elaine Richards, 75, from Braunton in north Devon, was told the Age Concern centre in Barnstaple only allowed people to eat bought cakes. More here …

our disappearing food

from today’s Indy comes this depressing article: Cromer crabs are the latest local delicacy to be threatened with extinction.All across the UK, our traditional dishes are dying out.Martin Hickman and Geneviève Roberts report more here.