cabbage and pancetta risotto

As you may recall, we have a bit of a cabbage glut, so I’ve been desperately trying to use them up.  This is what I did on Friday night, and it worked rather well!

Sliced a red onion and sautéd it in some olive oil with a packet of pancetta cubes.  While that was cooking, I made up a pint of chicken stock (using a cube – but it was organic, at least).  Weighed out 5 oz of Arborio rice.  Thinly sliced about 1/3 of a green cabbage.

Added the rice to the onion mix and turned it around till it was coated.  Splashed in some stock, stirred until it was absorbed.  Carried on in this vein until half the stock was gone, then added the cabbage, and some seasoning.  Continued with stock adding and stirring.  Once all the liquor was absorbed, tested for crunchiness and seasoning.  Added some parmesan shavings.