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We’ve been dithering about a veg box again, but we prefer to use a local supplier rather than one of the franchies. And lo and behold, we discovered Arthur’s Organics on Facebook, and ordered a medium box and a small fruit box for the princely sum of £15.

We got:
white sprouting broccoli
chestnut mushrooms
spring greens

five apples
four bananas
a kiwi fruit (any ideas what to do with it?)
some oranges

I don’t think the fruit box was very good value at six squid, but the veg was nice – fresh, local where possible. We’ll keep it going for a bit, and see how it works out. I like a veg box, because it challenges me to cook what it brings – tonight will be the broccoli in cheese sauce, and some roast potatoes.

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  1. Helen in the UK says:

    I think organic fruit is always much more expensive, so sounds like value to me. How about just peeling & slicing your kiwi over cereal or porridge? 🙂

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