asparagus egg-fried rice

We had friends over for Eurovision on Saturday – we cooked up an Indian feast: beef in coconut and black masala, split moong dhal, cucumber/carrot/red onion raita.  There was a stack of rice left over, and a bunch of asparagus to eat.

Trimmed the woody bits off the asparagus, cut the stalks into thirds, and blanched for five minutes or so.

Chopped garlic, spring onions, fresh ginger and a red chilli, and stir fried for a minute or so.  Added the asparagus and some soy sauce, and fried for a few more minutes.  Added the cooked rice and stirred it about, then added an egg beaten with a dollop of sesame oil, and stirred *that* around using a chopstick (to distribute the egg).

Absolutely gorgeous – really fresh and light.

Choice of rhubarb crumble and/or chocolate/walnut/coffee cake to follow.  Groan.