another potato bake

potato bake with chicken, mozzarella and spinach

using up: cold roast chicken, half a bag of spinach, a mozzarella past its sell-by date

A proper Reactive meal – first for a while.  We are still ploughing through Sunday’s chicken, and had some other stuff that needed eating up.  This worked really well, although next time I would poach the chicken in the cream for a few minutes – it somehow didn’t meld in properly.

Grease an ovenproof dish (I use an olive oil spray for this).  Ideally, get someone else to slice some potatoes very thinly, or otherwise you’ll have to do it yourself, and it’s a bit tedious without a mandoline (which I don’t have, unaccountably).

Wash some spinach, and chop up the cold chicken into small pieces.  Chop a couple of cloves of garlic finely.  Layer half the potatoes in the dish, then add the spinach, the chicken, the garlic and some double cream.  Grate some nutmeg over it.  Add the rest of the potatoes, and add some more cream. Dot the mozzarella, torn into chunks, over the top.

Bake at Gas 5 for about an hour – it will take longer than you think.  Worked really well.

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  1. eatcheapchef says:

    Great recipe – tried it the other night – it’s especially good for using up spinach that’s not quite nice enough to eat raw!!

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