a tale of two cabbages


Pete manfully did the shopping last weekend, as I wasn’t feeling very well, and amongst everything else, he bore home a cabbage. This went nicely with the cabbage that was already sitting in the veg drawer, but no problem – we like cabbage (just as well, really).

On Tuesday, we had cabbage with mozarella; we eat this a lot. As I’m trying to cut down carbs, we added some pancetta cubes, and I had much less pasta than I normally would.

On Wednesday, we had a mound of buttered cabbage and black pepper to accompany the remains of Sunday’s beef and mushroom pie – the pie filling had been in the freezer for ages, and the pastry was wholemeal. Lovely.

On Thursday, we had a day off, and had stirfried broccoli and courgettes.

On Friday we had sausages, steamed cabbage, and swede and carrot mash (no spuds).

And tonight, we will have South Indian cabbage and rice (another favourite).

Tomorrow, we will obviously be ringing the changes, and having roast pork belly with – oh – more cabbage. But red this time, cooked with spices and apple.

Why am I turning green?