a tale of freezers

At one point, we had *three* freezers – the one in the big Amana USAnian behemoth in the kitchen, a tall one out in the shed, and a small one under the stairs which was used exclusively for frozen ox cheek, which we used to buy in huge bulk to feed the cats.

Then the ox cheek stopped being available, so we gave that freezer away. We were in the habit of buying half a cow at a time from a friend of ours who farmed Dexter cattle, so the one in the shed was jolly handy for that, and other stuff, and of course for me freezers are a bit like handbags, in that if there is freezer space I will buy stuff to fill it.  But then we decided that the space in the shed was more important than a big freezer, so earlier this year we ran down the contents a bit, bought a smaller freezer and decanted the stuff into that, and Freecycled the big freezer.  And racked out the shed, which came in dead useful for gardening stuff, and winemaking stuff, and all sorts of other stuff.

And now we’re moving to a differently dimensioned house and we can’t see anywhere to put the small freezer, so we have eaten our way through masses of food (which we’d need to do anyway, because we can’t successfully move a full freezer 250 miles) and yesterday I managed to decant the contents of the small freezer into the Amana.  So now it’s defrosted and ready for sale.

Casualties for immediate cooking were:

  • 1 bag blackberries from the garden – these went into a crumble, accompanied by six dessert apples which were a bit wrinkly; I put some hazelnuts into the topping, which worked rather well
  • 2 packs sausagemeat and 1 lb mince, which I shall make into a brace of meat loaves today
  • 1 x kidney and 1 x heart from the half a lamb we bought ages ago – these will be boiled up for the cats
  • 1 pack lamb and rosemary sausages, which were transformed into a toad in the hole for last night’s supper; we ate it with lashings of onion gravy
  • 3 packs assorted bones, which are in the slow cooker making stock for soup

In other news, the dishwasher packed up a couple of weeks ago. Pete thought he could fix it, but it’s a bugger to get apart, and we have no proper manual for it.  Now we’ve been managing without, I think we’ll continue to manage without – it’ll save a lot of hassle with plumbing in and so forth in the new house, so I shall attempt to sell it as is.

Anyone want an under counter freezer, only a few months old?  Or a broken slimline Siemens dishwasher?