a lunchtime salad

yesterday's lunch

using up: the last of a cabbage, two expired wheaten wraps, the remains of a bunch of coriander

We work at home, and for lunch at this time of year we generally have soup, bread or crackers, and cheese or meat, or something similar.  But it can get very boring, and we’d finished this week’s soup early, so yesterday we had a bit of a change.

I shredded about a quarter of a green cabbage and two carrots in the Magimix. Added some grated fresh ginger, mayonnaise, soy sauce, bit of lime juice, chopped coriander.  I was going to put in the feta that needed eating, but it seemed a step too far.  Pete roasted some seeds – pumpkin, sesame and sunflower, and added some tamari and they got lobbed in.

The last two wheat wraps were put under a hot grill.  Worked really well, the whole thing.