a full oven, and a plum crumble

a full oven

Further to the last post on energy saving cooking, here is the oven full of cauli cheese, roast potatoes, and plum and apple crumble.

I poached the plums in water with a teaspoon of five spice for about 8 minutes, then put them in an oven proof dish, bubbled the liquor down a bit, then added two cooking apples (peeled, cored and chunked) and cooked them off until they softened a bit. Into the dish they went, and a crumble topping went, er, on top –  6 oz brown flour, 2 oz porridge oats, 3 oz marg, 3 oz sugar. 40 minutes or so at 180. Lovely.


  1. Jude Gibbons says:

    Gosh, I can’t fit nearly that much in my oven! Do you put roasting dishes on the actual floor of the oven? I don’t know if I can do that because I think it actually heats up to heat the oven. Also I never bother cooking fruit for a crumble, just put it in raw with some sugar, topping on top and it’s good to go!

    1. mac says:

      That’s the grill pan sitting on the floor of the oven! I don’t use the floor for cooking, now. I do prefer to cook the fruit, and we don’t use sugar as a rule.

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