a fish pie

I found three smoked trout fillets in the freezer, and we had some parsley left from last week’s beef stroganoff.  So I declared it Fish Pie Night.

I popped up to the local Co-Op to get some milk, and they had prawns on special offer: 2 packs for £4.  So I availed myself of said prawns, and milk, and home I went again.

Poached the trout in milk for about 10 minutes (they were quite thick fillets), and set aside to cool.  Cut two leeks in half long ways, then sliced thinly, and sautéed off in some olive oil.  Set some potatoes to boil.

Made a white sauce (count the pans so far! – and the dishwasher’s broken ..).

Flaked the trout into a large bowl, setting aside the skin for the cats (Lilith and Iggy snarfed it down fast as you like). Added the prawns and leeks, white sauce, parsley and some fennel from the garden.  Decanted the lot into a big, shallow-ish dish.

Pete mashed the potatoes with lots of butter, and I forked them on top.  Into a hot oven for about 30 minutes, ate with peas.

There’s the same again left for tonight, thankfully – I’m coming down with a cold, and P has man flu, so nobody is going to want to cook.  Sprouts to accompany this time, I think.

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  1. Helen in the UK says:

    Hope you’re both feeling better soon 🙂

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