a big jar of red peppers, and some half price chicken

I bought a *huge* jar of roasted red peppers for something – not sure what, either our big party last year, or our camping break in Wales. Whatever it was for, they didn’t get used, and have languished in The Cupboard Under The Stairs for many months, next to the big jar of sun dried tomatoes; no, don’t know what they got bought for either.

One day last week, I popped into the local CoOp minimart – sadly, it is not nearly as local as the local Sainsburys minimart. and I much prefer it, but I happened to be nearby and popped in for some bits. They had packs of four chicken breasts at half price, so I snapped up a couple of packs. And left my beautiful bunch of irises on the counter, but never mind.

I made a chicken and chickpea tagine with five of the breasts, having put the chickpeas in to soak a couple of days before, and then cooked them in the slow cooker on Saturday while we were Morris dancing in Malton. The tagine is dead easy – brown the chicken and put it in a pot (slow cooker for me), add sliced onions and garlic, and Ras el Hanout spice mix fried off a bit, some dried apricots, about 1/3 of the jar of roast peppers sliced up, a lemon or two halved and squeezed and hurled in the pot. Bit of water and left alone for a few hours. Was lovely.

The other three chicken breasts were roasted off in the Remoska with seasoning and olive oil, and stowed in the freezer for … well, whatever. Pasta or stirfy or something, but all eight would have made far too much tagine.

As for the rest of the peppers – that’s for the next post!