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mushroom, spinach and mozzarella wraps

About half a punnet of chestnut  mushrooms and some spinach needed eating up, so I deliberately made last night’s cabbage dish with only half a mozzarella ball, and saved the rest for today’s lunch.

Finely chopped the mushrooms and set them to cook down slowly in some olive oil. Put the wraps on individual plates, and scattered some raw spinach leaves on them. Chopped the mozzarella quite small. When the mushrooms were done, added salt and black pepper and the rest of the spinach, and stirred till it wilted. Then added the mozzarella.

Bunged the resultant gloopy mess onto the wraps – as always I’d made to much, so some of it oozed out, but that didn’t affect the fab flavour one iota!

About 360 calories, I reckon.

left over Kofta lamb

Kofta wrap

There was a pack of lamb Kofta in the fridge, leftover from the festive season (we’ve pretty much worked through it all now, thankfully).

Today’s lunch is home made lentil/tomato/veg soup, and a wrap done thus:

  • Place raw spinach leaves on wrap
  • Add 4 pieces of cooked Kofta
  • Dollop with a spoonful of mayo
  • Fold and consume.

572 cals, which is a bit of a hit for lunch, but it uses up food that needs using, and I’m not throwing away full fat mayo! – it’ll be replaced with lighter stuff when it’sgone.


breakfast tortilla

(or gorilla, as my spell checker initially suggested)

In my ongoing battle to lose weight, one of the things that works for me is a wide variety. I saw the Hairy Bikers do a take on this last week (why did nobody tell me about their diet show?!), so I picked up a pack of wraps yesterday. 

serves 2

Two rashers of bacon put to cook in the Remoska, while I had a shower. Piled some spinach leaves on the wraps, and when the bacon was done, wrapped it in kitchen roll to absorb the fat. 

Scrambled four eggs with 9g of butter and a splash of semi-slimmed milk. Put egg on spinach, put bacon on egg, wrapped the wrap. Nothing fell out, and it was just *lovely*. I’ve always scrambled eggs with cream, and lots of butter, and while these weren’t quite as good, the were very nice indeed. 

421 calories. 

Can now see lots of low calory Things To Do With Wraps.  

a mountain of kebab


We had a takeaway on Wednesday; our normal kebab place (well, I say normal – we’ve used it twice in a year 🙂 appears to have closed down, and never told us, which seems quite rude.

So we looked on that internet, and discovered one not too far away called Iggy’s Place, which seems quite appropriate (one of the Tribe is called Iggy).

We ordered one mixed and one lamb kebab, and one portion of chips, and this is what arrived … it cost 12 quid, delivered! Pete had the lamb, and very nearly finished it. My mixed kebab threatened to finish me, so I put half of it in the fridge.

And today, for lunch, we had the half kebab, with a carton of black beans, and a wheat wrap, and it was very nice indeed.