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turkey and moooose pie

Well, not really, but …

We went to my daughter’s house for Christmas, and it was lovely. But the downside of being away is you get no leftovers; thankfully, she offered us the turkey carcass to take home, and so we did, despite her protestations that there would be no meat left on it. As soon as we got home, I lobbed it in the big slow cooker with some water, and left it alone for about six hours.

The next morning, I surveyed the vegetable drawers. They contained sundry carrots, three courgettes on the edge of disaster, two fairly dried up leeks, four sweet potatoes in need of eating, and a rather soft swede.

I small-diced the courgettes (half of one of which I had to throw away – how I hate that), the leeks, and half the carrots, and put them in the medium slow cooker with a little olive oil to cook down. Then I peeled and larger-diced the rest of the carrots, the swede and the sweet potatoes, and put them in a big pot to cook for root mash later.

Then I turned to the turkey carcass – readers, there was loads of meat on it, so I picked it clean like a vulture. Then I foraged in the freezer for some puff pastry (yes, ready made – who makes puff pastry?).

Took a pack of bacon lardons from the fridge and set them to cook off slowly in their own fat. When they were crispy, I added about a tablespoon of flour and cooked it in, a good splash of white wine from a bottle that was going over a bit in the fridge, and then some milk, until I had a nice creamy constituency. Added some chopped garden herbs, most of the turkey meat. and enough of the slow cooked veg to make the mixture fill a pie dish. Then Pete obligingly dealt with the pastry side of stuff (he’s much better than me at the rolling out side of things), and made these charming pastry moosen with a cutter that friends brought us back from Norway.

We ate it with the root mash, and sprouts – there was enough of everything to repeat the performance the next day, which was fine by us.

The rest of the veg went into the soup pot, with the remaining turkey meat, the stock and some barley.

Not bad for “no meat”, eh?

And here’s a picture of my  Christmas cake, just because. As I said a few weeks ago, I made it in a ring mould, and covered it the weekend before Christmas with orange slices caramelised in water, sugar and a hefty glug of Cointreau. Rude not to, really. One of the eight or nine smaller cakes went in the middle, and I added fresh holly on Christmas Eve.


lovely veg

A new middle eastern grocer has opened up round the corner, so we went and had a look. I don’t know if they’ll always be as cheap, but they were doing three aubergine for £1, butternut squash at £0.75 each, and all manner of other stuff. So we bore loads home, including the aforementioned, plus oranges, sweet potatoes, courgettes, red peppers, etc for the princely sum of £10.24. And they gave us the 4p off!

So on Sunday I made a *huge* tray of roast veg, and we had it with a gorgeous piece of lamb neck fillet which mugged me when I’d popped into Normans for some bacon. And a red wine sauce.

And on Tuesday, for lunch, we had roast veg with a coriander naan from the Indian shop (4 for £1). And on Tuesday, we had the last of the roast veg with fennel sausages.

All in all, a remarkably cheap and extremely nice thing. I shall go back in a couple of days and stock up again.

roast veg forever!

roast veg

We decided to christen the Remoska with roast veg, something I love but rarely manage to start in time to eat it at a reasonable time of night. Well, actually, we christened it with some potato scones – they worked beautifully, but I’m not sure that it’s not easier with a griddle pan on the hob.

Between us, we chopped two courgettes, half a butternut squash, a red onion, a red pepper and a couple of carrots. Bunged them in the Remoska with about 4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped, some dried chilli flakes, and some thyme from the garden. Tossed it all about in olive oil, took a deep breath and switched it on.  It cooked in about 50 minutes, and was totally lovely. So we’ll do *that* again.

While that was going on, I boiled up some chickpeas that had been soaking overnight and set them aside for today. There was about half the roast veg left, so this morning I seasoned a chicken breast with salt, pepper and cumin seeds, and quickly roasted it off in the small Remoska (no idea why I’ve never tried this before :). Then, today’s main meal was:

Remainder of the roast veg, chickpeas, cubed chicken breast, and a stir through of some Ras el Hanout. As always, I was unsure what to put in for some additional liquor, and then inspiration struck. I have a bad habit of buying chutneys, and never using them, so I bunged in a tablespoon each of apricot chutney, and tomato relish – it worked really well.

And there was another meal’s worth left, which I put in the freezer!

a veg glut

We have finally got round to ordering a new veg box, from Box Bush Farm. The first delivery should arrive on Friday, so we took an inventory of the veg in the house.

  • 1 head broccoli
  • 1 hispi cabbage
  • 2 peppers (1 red, 1 yellow)
  • 1 bulb fennel
  • 1 large aubergine
  • 1 big bag of spinach
  • 1 huge sweet potato
  • assorted carrots and celery, onions and shallots
  • potatoes – Cornish new and standard
  • oddments of radish, spring onions

This was clearly Far Too Much, so we shall be eating lots of veg in the coming days!

We did a fab Keralan veg massala last night, recipe to follow.

the peppers are taking over …

Astute readers will notice I’ve been posting a lot of vegetable recipes lately. This is because we have resumed our organic veggie box from Riverford, and are currently overrun with veg!

We have a *lot* of peppers; some from our own garden, some from a friend, and some in the veg box … and some left over from a jar of roasted peppers.

With the latter, I whizzed them up with the water that I soaked some shallots in (did you know that soaking shallots in boiling water for five minutes makes them easier to peel? – and that I’m too mean to throw it away? :). That liquid, with some finely chopped carrot, leek, courgette and a small green pepper, made a nice soup, with some chickpeas added for bulk.

And last night, I made a bitsa risotto, with peppers and a leek sauteéd in olive oil, and some cubed pancetta, vermouth, and a handful of chopped parsley thrown in at the end. Sometimes bitsa meals really work, and this one did!

Now then – what to do with two cauliflowers? …