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red pepper sauce

So – 2/3rds of a huge jar of roasted red peppers. Opened. What to do?

Finely chopped an onion and about three cloves of garlic, and fried them off in olive oil, then added a slug of red wine and deglazed the pan. Sliced up the peppers and threw them in till they were warmed through thoroughly. Liquidised it in batches, then “cleaned” the goblet with about a glass of water and added it to the sauce; it made enough for at least two meals for us, and possibly three.

I cut up a thin leek into thin rings (we have just started a veg box again, so there might be interesting (or not 🙂 posts re that soon). It went into a pan with some olive oil, and was fried until just caramelised. There were some chickpeas left over from the tagine, so I added them, some seasoning, and some torn basil leaves from the pot on the windowsill at the end. I could have taken some chilli, I think, but was really delicious eaten with fusilli pasta, and I shall freeze the rest of the sauce today. So nice we shall have it again, and possibly again after that.

a couple of roast peppers

We had a couple of roasted yellow peppers languishing in the fridge in a jar – not enough to do anything substantial with, but needed using up all the same.

Working at home, lunches get very samey – usually soup, bread and cheese or cold meat, although I have to be careful with cheese now 🙁   So occasionally, we branch out and do something a tad more exotic, and the peppers proved to be inspiration.

I chopped an onion in half and sliced it thinly, then sautéd it in some olive oil with some chopped garlic. Added some ras el hanout and stirred it about, then added the peppers, thinly sliced.  Then in went a can of drained kidney beans, and a little stock made from Marigold bouillon and some arrowroot to thicken it). Warmed it all through for about 10 minutes.  We ate it with toasted wholemeal pitta – delicious!