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some meatballs

Buried in the back of the freezer, I found 2lbs of sausagemeat, clearly left over from the festering season, and never used. I’m diabetic, and shouldn’t really eat sausage rolls, so I poddled up to the butcher and bought 300g of lean minced beef, and on Sunday we had a meatball cook-in.

Italian: Pete manfully combined the meats, then divided the combination into two equal parts. The first part had garlic, herbs and season added and was divided into walnut sized pieces. I chopped onions, carrots and courgettes, and more garlic. I made a sauce with half of  a 99p (huge) tin of tomato paste, and a good splash of red wine. Bunged the lot in the slow cooker, left for four hours. Gorgeous – made 9 portions.

Moroccan: The other half of the meats was seasoned with some Ras el Hanout, while I chopped red peppers and onions into thin slices, and cubed three yellow courgettes. I sautéd these down very slowly, with a teaspoon of honey, some olive oil, lots more garlicm and some sesame seeds. Then added the meatballs, a tiny bit of red wine (as it was too hand), and some seasoning. Left on a slow simmer for about an hour. Also made 9 portions.

The empty shelf space in the freezer is disappearing!

meatballs in tomato sauce

In the freezer was a pound of sausagemeat, and pound of pork mince, both left over from Christmas. I fetched them out last night, with the intention of making some meatballs, but when I came to think about it, I decided they needed some beef mince too, so we hurtled over to Aldi  (15 minutes the quickest way, or 20 if you go through the park – we went there the slow way, and back the quick) to fetch some. We took the shopping trolley, and also bought 4 bottles of fizzy water, a bag of peppers, some spaghetti, a bottle of cooking wine, some onions and some rhubarb. Oops.

Once returned, I diced two carrots, half a courgette, two sticks of celery, a red pepper, and sliced 1.5 onions and four cloves of garlic.  Put that all to saute in some olive oil, while Pete combined the three lots of minced meat with some seasoning, and the very last of the dying basil plant.

It made 39 meatballs, which I fried off before putting them in the slow cooker. Then I added some sliced mushrooms to the veg mix, a carton of passata, a glassful of red wine and a dash of water.  Brought it to a simmer and poured it over the meatballs. Just have to wait now 🙂


As my loyal reader will have noticed, we’re moving house in a few weeks.  And we have to empty the freezers.  We just about eaten our way through all the prepared meals, so now we’re starting to make inroads on the raw ingredients.

For some reason, we had 3lbs of sausage meat in the freezer; I suspect it was left from Xmyth, when I would have planned and failed to make sausage rolls.  So out came 2lbs, and 1lb of mince.  Pete combined these with some allspice, ground dried ginger, black pepper, salt, fresh thyme, sage, majoram and savory, and a teaspoon of lazy garlic.  That made 53 small meatballs.

In the meantime, I sliced up two red and one yellow pepper, and sautéd them down with 1.5 thinly sliced red onions.  Bunged that in the slow cooker, then set to frying the meatballs in batches.  They went in the slow cooker too.

Then I tipped the oil out of the frying pan, and added a jar of tomato salsa (well, why not? – it needed eating!), a glass of red wine – the end of a bottle that had, inexplicably, not been drunk, and the last of the lazy garlic.  And a generous teaspoon of chilli flakes.  All into the slow cooker, with a bit of water.

It smells gorgeous, and will make lots of meals.

a pound of mince? Meatballs!

As mentioned, we had a pound of mince to use up, as it wouldn’t fit into the new freezer regime.

I minced some garlic and a shallot, and chopped some fenugreek leaves small, while Pete ground spices (black cumin, lots of coriander seeds, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamon, allspice, black pepper), and made that lot into meatballs with a bit of sea salt.  It made 16, I think.

I cut an onion in half and half again, and cut it into thin rings, then fried it in ground nut oil (together with more garlic) till it was translucent.  Then we added more spices (more coriander and cumin, ajwain, nigella, fennel) and cooked it down for a bit.  In went a jar’s worth of roasted yellow peppers, sliced thin, and I set it to cook over a low heat.

I browned the meatballs in more groundnut oil, and tipped them (and the oil) into the pepper sauce.  Left them to cook while I did some basmati, to which I added a shallot, some cardamon seeds, and a generous pinch of Marigold veg bouillon.

moroccan meatballs with sweet pepper sauce

As I said in the spag bol post, I had about a pound of mince left over. In fact, when we weighed it, it was 1lb 7oz!

Pete set to making the meatballs; he ground cumin, coriander, allspice, fennel seeds and cinnamon, finely chopped a shallot and some garlic, and mashed it all together. It made 18 walnut-sized meatballs. He left out salt, but we realised before it was too late ...

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pasta with meatballs and courgettes

Using up:  sausagemeat

Apologies for the lack of posting – Pete and I have been laid low from the lurgy, and very little has been happening in the cooking department.  We made the last of the goose into a risotto, and then we had macaroni cheese on Wednesday – one of the best comfort foods in the world.

While rummaging through the fridge yesterday, I found some sausagemeat – not enough to turn into sausage rolls, but enough to do something with.

I turned a couple of slices of bread into breadcrumbs in the Magimix, then combined the sausage meat with enough crumbs to make a nice texture, and added some dried oregano.  Browned them off in some olive oil, then popped them in the Remoska to continue cooking while I did the rest.  I love that little gadget, and now I want a bigger one!

Chopped an onion and a few cloves of garlic, and sautéd them down in some olive oil.  Sliced up a couple of courgettes and added them to the pan, and stirred about a bit, then hurled in a tin of tomatoes and a chopped dried chilli, and a sloosh of red wine.

Left that lot to cook while I boiled some quick pasta.  When it was done, I transferred the meatballs to a casserole dish, added the pasta, then poured the tomato and veg over it, stirred it about a bit, and popped a chopped mozarella on the top, and some basil leaves.

Gas 6 / 200 for 25 minutes.  Lovely.

from veg to meatballs to pasta bake

meatball extravaganza

Using up: veg

As stated last week, we are over-vegged, and need to use it up before we go away for the long weekend that’s coming up.

So, on Friday night, I chopped up four red peppers, two onions, several mushrooms, and four (I think) courgettes.  These were sautéd down in my huge shallow Circulon pan (the one that’s too big to go in any of the cupboards) with some olive oil, a fair bit of garlic, and sage and oregano from the garden.

Then I took a bag of Ikea meatballs (great standby for the freezer!) and turfed them into the mix, and added a carton of creamed tomatoes (another great standby).  Bit of salt and pepper, and left to cook through for about 20 minutes.  We consumed two goodly portions with spaghetti.

On Saturday morning, I put another 3 meals’ worth into 2-portion tubs, and froze them, keeping back about 300ml of veggy sauce.

And on Sunday evening feeling, as we were, rather depleted, due to an *excellent* party on Saturday, 120 miles from home, we boiled some pasta shells, dumped a can of borlotti beans into the leftover sauce, and mixed the pasta and sauce together.  A mozzarella chopped over the top, and some basil from the garden, 20 minutes in the oven – bosh.  Dinner.  Hardly any effort, and really nice.

So, one bag of meatballs, an assortment of tired vegetables, a tin of borlotti beans and a carton of passata – 10 meals.  Gotta be good 🙂