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green beans and pasta

green beans and pasta

This is another ridiculously quick and easy supper, and pretty cheap too (depending where you shop) – certainly well under £1 per serving. Works well with runner beans as well.

serves 2:

1 pack green beans (89p from Aldi, I think)
125g of pasta (fusilli, quills, whatever – Aldi fusilli is 49p for 500g, so that’s (counts on fingers) 12.5p)
1 chopped onion (20p)
1 dessert spoon (ish) of olive oil
lemon juice – a bottle is easier, and cheaper, than fresh
black pepper
about 25g grated parmesan (35p?)

Top and tail the beans, while you put a decent amount of water on to boil. When it has, put in the pasta and set a timer (mental, if necessary) for 10 minutes. I put the beans in that pot when there was eight minutes left, which left a nice crunch to them.

While the beans and pasta are cooking, cook the onion off in the olive oil. Add to the drained pasta/bean mix, stir in a good slug of lemon juice, the parmesan, and some freshly ground black pepper.

Light, quick, simple, healthy, cheap. Vegetarian, and vegan if you leave out the cheese.

meatballs in tomato sauce

In the freezer was a pound of sausagemeat, and pound of pork mince, both left over from Christmas. I fetched them out last night, with the intention of making some meatballs, but when I came to think about it, I decided they needed some beef mince too, so we hurtled over to Aldi  (15 minutes the quickest way, or 20 if you go through the park – we went there the slow way, and back the quick) to fetch some. We took the shopping trolley, and also bought 4 bottles of fizzy water, a bag of peppers, some spaghetti, a bottle of cooking wine, some onions and some rhubarb. Oops.

Once returned, I diced two carrots, half a courgette, two sticks of celery, a red pepper, and sliced 1.5 onions and four cloves of garlic.  Put that all to saute in some olive oil, while Pete combined the three lots of minced meat with some seasoning, and the very last of the dying basil plant.

It made 39 meatballs, which I fried off before putting them in the slow cooker. Then I added some sliced mushrooms to the veg mix, a carton of passata, a glassful of red wine and a dash of water.  Brought it to a simmer and poured it over the meatballs. Just have to wait now 🙂