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breakfast frittata

Frittata for breakfast
Half a bag of spinach to use up …

Diced two rashers of back bacon, a few mushrooms, half a green pepper* and half a red onion, and put them in the shallow pan of the Remoska with a little olive oil for 15 minutes (switched it on, obviously!).

Beat four eggs with some seasoning and a splash of water, stirred in about 30g of Gruyere and poured that in. Added the spinach leaves and stirred it about a bit, and cooked for another 20 minutes. It made a very fine breakfast.

*I’m not especially fond of green peppers, but They always put one in a mixed bag. The other half has been diced up and put in This Week’s Soup.

a frittata

frittata veg

A frittata is a great way to use up bits and pieces. As I had quite a few bits and pieces to use up, that’s what I made 🙂

There were some leftover cooked veg – cauli and broccoli, and some new potatoes – left over from when we served the chickie! pie. Some tired mushrooms and peppers in the fridge. All cut up, and put in the Remoska with a little olive oil and some garden herbs. I left them to cook for about 15 minutes, while I beat up four eggs with seasoning.

Added the egg mix to the Remoska, left it for another 15 minutes. Supper!

If you don’t have a Remoska, and I don’t expect you will, just cook it in a frying pan on the hob, very slowly.