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chickpeas and chorizo

chorizo and chickpeasusing up: chickpeas, a courgette, fresh coriander, a rather shrivelled lemon

I soaked and boiled some chickpeas for Saturday’s vegetable tagine, and as usual, I did too many.  I found a courgette in the fridge that was going a bit manky at one end, so that needed eating up as well, and the freezer audit revealed *14* chorizo sausages, which really does seem rather too many.  A plan was formed.

I chopped up:

one red onion, most of one courgette (see above), three cloves of garlic, one red pepper and two chorizo sausages. Set these to sauté over a low heat in some olive oil.  When you cook chorizo, they give off a lovely paprika-y juice, so don’t use too much oil if you’re doing this.

I let them cook for about 20 minutes over a fairly low gas, then added the chickpeas and the juice of a lemon, and carried on for, oh, about ten minutes on as low a gas as possible, just to warm them through.

Just before serving, I stirred in a handful of chopped coriander.  Decanted it into bowls and scoffed.

Followed it with local strawberries – yes really, in mid September!  More on that story later.

broad bean enchiladas


Using up: almost everything left in the fridge!  Carrots, broad beans, potatoes, salad leaves, wheat wraps

I said this week would be weird meals … emptying the fridge can make odd but pleasing concoctions.

Boiled the remaining new potatoes, and 6 minutes before the end, put some broad beans, and the very, very last of the now fairly soft carrots in a steamer basket on top.  Waited till the timer went, then drained the spuds and veg.

Chopped up a red onion and some garlic, and started to sauté it in some olive oil.  Chopped up two chorizo sausages into small bits and added them to the pan.  (We buy these from Costco and keep them in the freezer – they’re very useful for jazzing up vegetables.)

Added the broad beans and carrots, and some thyme and savory from the herb garden.  Looked at the potatoes and realised there were way too many, so put some in a bowl.  They’ll be fried up and scoffed with sossidge later in the week.  Chopped up the rest and added them to the pan.

Got out a tin of tomatoes and realised it would be too much, so got a small tin of tomato purée out of the tin cupboard and hurled that in instead.

Then Pete distributed the filling across the last of the wheat wraps; we’d thought there were three, but there were only two, so they were quite … plump, and had to be held together with cocktail sticks.  I made a quick cheese sauce with gruyere and Red Leicester, and we poured it over the enchiladas, topped it with more mixed cheese, and baked for 30 minutes at gas 6.

Eaten with a bag of salad leaves dressed with walnut oil and lemon, and accompanied by random music from the Roku and, in my case, too much wine.  Perfect.