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potato and chicken bake

potato and chicken bake

Using up: cold roast chickie!, old potatoes, spring onions from a friend’s garden, cream bought for supper on Saturday and not eaten (due to circumstances beyond our control)

This is a real bitsa one – I’m pleased with it, because it was lovely.

Chopped some very elderly potatoes into slices about 1/4″ thick, and layered half of them into an ovenproof dish.  On top of that went the chopped spring onions, and the chickie! from the carcass I boiled up for soup a couple of days ago.  Added some cream and seasoned, grated a little gruyere cheese onto it, then layered the rest of the potatoes on. More cream (you need quite a lot, really), more seasoning, then cut more gruyere into very small dice and scattered them over the top.

I gave it 5 minutes in the microwave to get it started, then it had about 40 minutes on gas 5.  Should you try this, make sure you put the dish on a tray in the oven, because ours oozed a bit.

We had it with a bulb of fennel, sliced up, put in a little casserole dish with some of the chicken soup broth, and cooked in the oven alongside the potatoes, to save gas.  I really must think more about gas consumption when I’m cooking.

mongrel soup

mongrel soup

As mentioned previously, soup was in the offing. I boiled up the chickie! carcass from the freezer yesterday, and used the stock to make ris e bisi, and very nice it was too.

The rest has been turned into soup, with some carrots, some exceedingly wrinkled potatoes and – believe it or not – a brace of small lettuces.  P and I are not keen on lettuce, so this is as good as anything else to do with them.  Sadly, I set it on too low a gas, and so the soup was not ready for lunch, but it will be there for tomorrow.

And there were some fragments of chicken rescued from the carcass when it was en-stocked, and for these I have a cunning plan.

I love my freezer …

It is the Summer; and thus it is cold, and raining, and generally bloody miserable, weather wise.

In the fridge I have some peapods – mostly empty, because Pete got to the bowl of peas, but still. I have a plan for these pods tonight, which I shall reveal to you later. I need some chicken stock for this plan, and I was just going to use an organic stock cube.

But … I also have a bunch of carrots that need using.  And the chickie! remains from June were in the freezer, enrobed in tin foil.  So the carcass is now sitting on a very low heat on the hob, and I shall take some stock from it for tonight’s supper, and the rest will be turned into shoop, with the carrots and some elderly spud.

Hurrah for the British summer, I say, and bring on the warming soup.