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chicken wings with lemon, black pepper and bay leaves

chicken wings with lemon, black pepper and bay leaves

We are summoned to a supper party tonight where we must bring a dish.  We’ve not been very well all week, and so no shopping has been done, thus a rummage in the store cupboards and freezers was required.

There were two packs of chicken wings (10 wings in all) in there, so here’s what I did:

Put them in a shallow dish, and anointed them with lots of olive oil, the juice of a lemon, lots of black peppercorns – crushed, not grated – and about a dozen bay leaves from my lovely bay tree.  I left them to marinade for about an hour, then put them on a metal tray and baked them at gas 6 / 200˚C for about 50 minutes.

Simples, as the meerkcat would say.  But delicious and good for a party, as it’s finger food.

However, there were far fewer chicken bits than I thought, and it looked a bit spartan, so I had to have a think about something else to take.  That’ll be the next post, any moment now!

chicken soup

As I mentioned, there was a bit of a soup crisis yesterday, occasioning me to fetch the chicken carcass out of the freezer and bung it in the slow cooker to make stock.

This morning, Pete nobly stripped the meat off it, and there was enough for at least one more meal!

I put the stock in a pan, added the remainder of the swede/carrot combo.  Chopped a leek up, and cooked it in some olive oil to kick start it.  Added that to the soup pot, with some pearl barley, and half the chicken from the carcass, cut small.

So chickie! soup for lunch today, with baguettes.

The remainder will go for a dhal with chicken on Thursday night – Pete also cooks the dhal in this house, and I’m out at a School Governors’ meeting that evening.

So that chicken did:

  • roast on Monday
  • stir fry on Tuesday
  • fennel and chicken risotto on Sunday
  • chicken pie last night (will do another day)
  • soup
  • lentils

12 servings plus soup for several days.  Don’t waste food!

chicken pie

chicken pie

With what I thought was the last of the chickie!, we made a pie.

Roughly chopped an onion, and fried it off with a pack of pancetta cubes in some olive oil.  Added some of the carrot/swede combo that I cooked on Sunday, some chopped sage from the herb garden, and some chopped chicken, and warmed it through.

Stirred in some flour (about 1.5 tablespoons, I’d guess) until everything was coated, then added milk bit by bit until it reached an appropriate consistency.

In the meantime, P had rolled out the thawed puff pastry and lined the pie dish (I may like cooking, but I’m damned if I’m making puff pastry in the week!).  Decanted the filling in, put on a pastry lid, brushed with milk and into the oven at Gas 7 for about half an hour.

Ate it with boiled spuds and steamed cabbage.  Enough for another meal too!

fennel and chickie! risotto

We had a lovely free range roast chickie! on Bank Holiday Monday, which has pretty much dominated our food this week. Last night – risotto.

As I always say, 5oz risotto rice and 1pint of liquid feeds two hungrish folk. The liquid last night was a mix of lemon juice, rice wine and the indispensable Marigold veg bouillon.

Chopped the fennel and a red onion, and fried very slowly in butter and olive oil until the fennel was cooked. Added the rice, and stirred it round. Added the liquid bit by bit, each time waiting till the rice absorbed the liquor. When it was almost all added, popped in some seasoning, and some shredded cooked chicken, then finished off the liquoring.

Quick, simple, tasty. Try it.

a weekend's cooking

We had already set aside Saturday evening to make a batch of Pete’s Wondrous Chilli – the beans were boiled and slow-cookered on Friday night, and we set to and made it yesterday afternoon.  4lbs of lovely Dexter stewing beef was turned into 10 really rather generous portions; we shall have  some for supper tonight, and four tubs have gone in the freezer.  We cooked it overnight in the slow cooker, and the smell drove us quite demented.

Yesterday, Pete sallied forth with his bicycle and trailer to do the shopping, and returned bearing (amongst lots of other things) two huge bunches of herbs; one of coriander, and one of fenugreek, which I’ve never seen before in its fresh form.

The coriander was easy – we found four chicken breasts in the freezer (we are really getting it under control now!) and a batch of lemony coriander chicken is in the slow cooker now.

I’ve never cooked with fenugreek before, but we put some leaves in the chilli (well, why not?!).  I also minced up the last of the breast of lamb we had last week, grated up carrot, celery and onion, chopped garlic and fried it up with the lamb. Added my version of the Ras El Hanout spices I love so much*, and bunged in about a cup full of lentils. And more fenugreek. That’s currently cooking slowly downstairs on a diffuser, for a moussaka in the week.

I’ve had enough now, although I might just whip up a pear and chocolate crumble, as there are pears that need eating. (Pete has just said “ohmigod”).

* I should have made a note, but I used lavender, rose petals, paprika, cloves, cinnamon, ground ginger, galangal, coriander seeds, cardamon seeds, peppercorns, mace.  It might not be authentic, but it smells nice.

another potato bake

potato bake with chicken, mozzarella and spinach

using up: cold roast chicken, half a bag of spinach, a mozzarella past its sell-by date

A proper Reactive meal – first for a while.  We are still ploughing through Sunday’s chicken, and had some other stuff that needed eating up.  This worked really well, although next time I would poach the chicken in the cream for a few minutes – it somehow didn’t meld in properly.

Grease an ovenproof dish (I use an olive oil spray for this).  Ideally, get someone else to slice some potatoes very thinly, or otherwise you’ll have to do it yourself, and it’s a bit tedious without a mandoline (which I don’t have, unaccountably).

Wash some spinach, and chop up the cold chicken into small pieces.  Chop a couple of cloves of garlic finely.  Layer half the potatoes in the dish, then add the spinach, the chicken, the garlic and some double cream.  Grate some nutmeg over it.  Add the rest of the potatoes, and add some more cream. Dot the mozzarella, torn into chunks, over the top.

Bake at Gas 5 for about an hour – it will take longer than you think.  Worked really well.

chicken and apricot tagine

chicken and apricot tagine

using up: some chicken thighs, peppers in green, red and yellow

We needed to do some cooking for the freezer, so we looked at the ingredient stocks to see what we had.  And what we had was a big bag of chicken thighs in the outside freezer, and thus a chicken tagine was born.

On Friday night, I put some chickpeas in to soak, and then boiled them up on Saturday.  On Sunday afternoon we set to.

I browned all the chicken (some of it went into a batch of lemony chicken with coriander) and set it aside while we scoffed a cooked breakfast!

Then chopped up two red onions, the peppers, and lots of garlic, and cooked them down in some olive oil.  Then we fried in some ground spices – cinnamon, dried ginger, allspice, coriander, returned the chicken to the pan, added chickpeas, a quartered lemon, chopped fresh coriander and a little water.

Put it in a low oven (gas 2-3) for about 2 hours.

Out of about 1.5kg of chicken, we got 7 meals, or 14 portions, including the other dish.  Lovely meals, too.

chicken stir fry

ingredients for a stir fry

Using up: spring onions, red pepper, the last bit of courgette, half a lemon

The thing about a stir fry is you can lob pretty much anything in it, but you need to have it all ready before you start.

So, as you may see, I chopped four spring onions, a red pepper, a small piece of courgette.  Garlic and ginger were whizzed in the most useful kitchen gadget known to (wo)man.  Pete chopped up a red chilli.

Out of the larder came sesame seeds, and I had a tub of cold roast chicken in the freezer that was pressed into service – I marinated that in some shoyu and a teaspoon or so of sesame oil for about 20 minutes.

Into the wok went the sesame seeds, garlic and ginger for a minute or so, then added the white bits of the spring onion, the pepper and courgette.  Stir fried till done, then added chicken and marinade, the lemon juice and a teaspoon of five spice powder.  Oh, and a dribble of honey.

Left it to bubble while we boiled up some noodles, and realised it was a bit thin, so mixed up a teaspoon of cornflour with some cold water, and hurled that in.

Drained noodles and put them in the wok, mixed it round a little.

Served into bowls, then sprinkled with the chopped chilli and the green bit of the spring onions.