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a piece of brisket

Another siren call from T L Norman’s chill cabinet, this small piece of brisket (maybe 1.25kg or so – I didn’t weigh it) went straight into the freezer when I bought it. I fetched it out on Saturday, and slow cookered it thus on Sunday:

I seared the brisket (all in one piece) in a little olive oil, then set it aside. In this house, this means putting it in one of the ovens, for fear one, or many, of The Tribe will minister to it. Then into the oil went a large onion, diced, and a few carrots, cut into batons. I added black peppercorns, juniper berries, fresh thyme, a good slosh of red wine, a smaller one of balsamic vinegar, and a good sprinkling of gravy granules. Oh, and a few cloves of garlic, crushed. And salt.

Everything went into the slow cooker for about eight hours. Sadly, I came down with some dreaded lurgy during the afternoon, and couldn’t face food, but Pete manfully tackled it, with a slice or two of sourdough bread. Which meant that there was plenty left for Monday. It stayed in the slow cooker and was cooked again for about four hours, and this time we had it with broccoli and Yorkshire puds.

Today, I have once again fished out the remaining brisket. Sliced three spuds thinly, and fried them gently in the fat left over from the lunchtime bacon butties (it’s cold, OK?). Set them in the slow cooker, added the rather splendid gravy and remaining veg, and they can sit and mull to themselves till suppertime, and which point they will accompany some cold brisket.

And there looks to be plenty to eat for lunch tomorrow as well.

a bit of brisket

Every now and again, when I’m in Morrisons, I peruse their butchery section, which is surprisingly good, and if there’s a special offer, and I have room in the freezer (hollow laugh) I buy it. Having been quite unwell this week with a flu-ey thing, I fancied something both easy and nice today, so  last night I fetched out a piece of rolled brisket that I bought last June, so it could defrost overnight.

If I’m doing a pot roast, I like to put lots of veg in – you get lovely gravy and veg then, which can go in the soup pot, or go to make stovies, which will be featuring on a plate near here later in the week.

So I cut four carrots into batons, and peeled about nine shallots, and chopped up some garlic cloves (I think it was about six, but you might like to tone that down a bit – we like garlic).

I dug out my ancient and beloved Le Creuset cast iron casserole, heated some olive oil, and browned the brisket. Transferred the meat to the slow cooker, then tipped the veg and garlic in and cooked them off a bit. I added a slug of Cointreau at this stage – I generally put something sweet in with the veg to caramelise them a bit, and we have stacks of liqueurs here that I used to love, and now find far too sweet (and indeed can’t drink because of diabetes).

The  veg were then transferred to the slow cooker, and I built up a sauce/gravy with a couple of teaspoons of grain mustard, a glass of red wine, some cornflour, peppercorns, juniper berries, sea salt, chopped sage and thyme. Brought that to the boil, and added it to the slow cooker, and switched it on (at about 11.30).

After three hours, I put a piece of foil over the top, to stop the sauce evaporating further, and now we’re supposed to wait until 7 to eat it, with roast potatoes and sprouts. [eyes clock] Not much chance of that …