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pasta with chicken, mushrooms and blue cheese


We bought some chicken breasts from our fabulous butcher up t’road, wrapped them individually, and froze them. And then fetched one out at the weekend to make a stir fry and, readers, it was *huge*. Well, huge to us, because we don’t eat much meat. So we used half in the stir fry, and the other half was confined to the fridge for another day.

Regular readers will know that Tuesday night is pasta night, so last night I chopped up the remaining chicken into small pieces and fried it off in some olive oil. Added four wizened mushrooms, half a wrinkly red pepper, and a chopped onion (£1.80 for 4kgs from the Turkish shop). Added about 30g of Danish blue and stirred it round till it had melted, and a good grinding of black pepper.

Served over spaghetti – delicious.  It’s worth keeping a chunk of blue cheese in the fridge, as it livens up pasta sauces, and makes great cheese scones (although you get quite sticky making them).

pasta with chicken, blue cheese and broccoli

using up: half a head of broccoli, some everlasting chicken

We had a mound of cold roast chicken left from Saturday’s roast – we had cold with steamed new potatoes and red cabbage, and chicken sandwiches, and dhal with shredded chicken, have put all the bits and bones in the freezer, and were still left with a bowlful of chicken that would feed us for two more meals.

We also had a half a head of broccoli to use up, and we wanted something quick last night as we were both going out.

So, cut the broccoli into florets, and steamed for 6 minutes. Fished it out into a colanader, topped up the pan with some more boiling water and put in some pasta. As an aside, I have taken to weighing pasta (120g) and rice (80g), as I’m watching my carbs – this is about half the amount of both we used to eat, and it’s plenty!

Fried off a roughly chopped onion in olive oil, and added some thyme from the garden. Then lobbed in some chopped up cold cooked chicken and stirred it all around. When the pasta was almost done, I added the broccoli to the chicken pan, then in went the pasta, and about 100g of blue cheese. Stirred all that around till the cheese melted, then served in bowls.

It was nice, but I thought it was lacking something – not sure what. I shall ponder.

chicken with blue cheese

I did another stuffed chicken breast on Sunday evening – this time with blue cheese, chopped sage, shallot and some walnut oil. I was going to add pine nuts, but we seemed to have run out, which is very bad planning, I know.

It was delicious – accompanied by steamed new potatoes and asparagus. But I should have used more sage. And it only occurred to me yesterday that it would probably have been far more successful, and much easier to stuff, had I beaten the chicken flat first with my trusty meat hammer, so I shall do that next time.

Next time won’t be far away, as when I sent Pete up to the CoOp to get the chicken, they had a stack on special offer as it was approaching its sell-by date, so there are six more in the freezer.

stuffed mushrooms

stuffed mushrooms

Using up: portabella mushrooms, bacon, blue cheese

I’ve never done stuffed mushrooms before, but had seen a couple of people prepared them on Come Dine with Me, a programme which I rather like.  We had some lovely bacon in the freezer, from a friend’s first attempt at pig rearing, but it was sliced very thin and so is not really any good for bacon sarnies (the proper thing to do with bacon), so that needed something doing to it.  We also had a lump of ancient blue cheese – dolcelatte, I think.  So off I went …

I put about 25g of porcini to soak in some boiling water – about 150ml, I should think – for about 20 minutes.  Then I took out the mushrooms, and put about 3 large teaspoons full of couscous into the water.  I know this is not the normal way to cook couscous, and it took a while, but it was fine after about 15 minutes, when I was ready for it!

Cleaned the mushrooms, cut off what little stalk they had and saved them, and put them in a shallow dish, which I sprayed with sunflower oil (I’m trying, not very hard, to eat more healthily).

Then I chopped the mushroom stalks, one huge spring onion, 2 cloves of garlic, the porcini, 2 rashers of bacon (ingredients here).  I fried off the bacon in some olive oil until it was crispy, then set it to drain on kitchen paper. Then I put the mushroom stalks, spring onion, porcini and garlic into the pan with some more olive oil and fried it up until the veg were soft.  Returned the bacon to the pan, fished the couscous out of the mushroom water and mixed it all together – photo.

Ladled the mix into/on top of the mushrooms, topped with cubes of blue cheese, and baked at gas 4 for 30 minutes.  I put a foil hat on for the first 10 minutes, but I don’t think it was needed.

We ate them with steamed new potatoes – they were gorgeous.