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coconut and banana cake

coconut and banana cakes

We found a kilogram of desiccated coconut in the larder box – no idea why we bought such a huge amount, but it must be used up! There were four small, brown bananas in a box in the fridge  – I read somewhere that they will keep for ages like that, so was experimenting; seems to work!  So I did a bit of  Googling for ideas, and adapted a few recipes, and this is what I did:

4 brown bananas, peeled
2 medium eggs
120g margarine, melted
120g wholemeal flour
75g cane sugar
1.5 tsp. baking powder
125g dessicated coconut

Some dried cranberries as a last minute addition.

(I doubled this lot up to make two cakes. I also added some cream of tartar, but I don’t think it was needed, and it would have benefited from some vanilla extract).

I put the bananas in the food processor and blitzed them up. Then I just bunged in everything else and whizzed that up!

Put the mix in a loaf tin lined with a cake liner (I love these – so easy, no greasing, no sticking!), baked at gas 4 for 1 hour.  They’ve come out lovely – quite a heavy consistency, but none the worse for that. Might try dates in them next time.

And the coconut mountain is very slowly decreasing 🙂

Edited to add: best estimate of carbs per cake is about 250g, so about 20g per slice. I can live with that on an occasional basis!

wholemeal banana cake

a brace of banana cakes

I run a community recipe site called Nibblous, and if you Google for banana cake, you’ll find my friend Jaqui’s recipe is the number one hit, which I’m quite pleased about! I’ve long used a similar recipe to that myself for banana cake, but I’ve refined it quite a bit over the years, and I change it around almost every time I make it.

I’m a fairly recentlly diagnosed Type 2 diabetic, and I try to avoid white flour, so I thought I’d have a bash at a wholemeal banana cake.

6oz wholemeal flour
1.5 teaspoons baking powder
4 ripe bananas – the riper, the better
4oz butter or margarine
4.5oz granulated sugar
a good grate of nutmeg
2 eggs
a generous teaspoon of vanilla essence

Now, I’m lazy – I do this in a food processor. I start with the bananas and whizz them up till they’re all mashed, then I bung in everything else, whizz some more, and it’s done. If you don’t have a food processor, or want to do it the long way round, see Jacqi’s recipe above for mashing and creaming and folding 🙂

Decant into a well greased 2lb loaf tin (I always cheat and use those pan liners which I get from Lakeland – less trouble) and bake for 40 minutes at gas 4, then 30 minutes at gas 2. Leave to cool in the tin, or if you’ve used a liner, then it comes straight out with no hassle and you can cut a test slice pretty quickly 🙂

I always double it up and make two cakes, as they freeze remarkably well.

I was really pleased with this wholemeal version – it’s slightly nutty, and the nutmeg was a new addition this evening, and it worked really well.

You can bung anything in this – chocolate pieces, mixed spice, currants, chopped apple, walnuts; it’s a really great basic cake recipe.

banana muffins – late breakfast

banana muffins – late breakfast, originally uploaded by ramtops.

Ridiculously easy – I made just half a dozen for breakfast, to use up some ancient bananas.

50g softened butter
90g demerara sugar
1 medium egg
3 small, tired, bananas, peeled
75g natural yoghurt
120g plain flour
1 tsps baking powder
25g wheat flakes
2 tbsp milk

Hurl everything except the wheat flakes in the food processor and blitz. Add the wheat flakes and pulse so they’re broken up, but not powdered.

Put in a 6 cup muffin pan (I always use a silicon one), bake for 25 minutes at 190˚ C. Leave to cool in the pan until hunger overcomes you.

breakfast today

banana muffins

We were bored with porridge, we had four black bananas, and some milk that needed using up, and so …

I whipped up a double batch of my tried and trusty banana muffin recipe – I was a bit lazy, and put everything in the Magimix rather than do it separately.  Also I left out the sugar, and put in a couple of dessert spoons of honey, because the bananas were very ripe and I thought they’d be quite sweet enough.

They were.  They were gorgeous.  I’m ashamed to say that we ate four each for breakfast [oink].  There are four left, and I put the remaining batter in two tubs in the freezer, so we can have fresh muffins for breakfast again, *providing* I remember to take the batter out the night before.

a brace of banana cakes

a brace of banananananana cakes

Using up: bananas

We had a lot of bananas, so I decided to make some banana cake.  And then I realised we had even more bananas than that, so I thought I’d make two, and freeze one.  Better than letting the bananas go to waste, I thought.

So I duly made two – it really is no more work than making one, except you have to peel more bananas.  And as I took them out of the oven (they smelled heavenly) I thought of my new next door neighbour, who has had about as bad a year as one can have.  So when they’d cooled a little, I wrapped one in a tea towel, and took it round for her and her two boys (she has a baby daughter too, but she might be a bit small for banana cake!)

Recipe (for one cake):

4oz butter or margarine
8oz self raising flour
6oz golden caster sugar, plus a little more if you like
2 eggs
1 generous tsp vanilla extract
2 medium, or 3 small bananas

Peel the bananas, and mash them with a fork.  An old plate is best for this, I find.

Cream butter and sugar together till fluffy, then add the eggs and vanilla extract.  Add the banana gloop and stir in.  Add the flour and stir in.  This is the most ridiculously easy cake recipe I ever saw!

Put into a greased* 2lb loaf tin.  Sprinkle, if you like, with some golden caster sugar, to give a nice glaze.

Bake for 40 minutes at gas 4, then turn the oven down to gas 2 for 30 minutes.

It probably does freeze well, but I can’t say for sure, as I gave away the spare 🙂

*I always use the precut liners from Lakeland – I’m a lousy baker, so I like every little bit of help going.

black bananas

I have a number of ways of using up old bananas – these are my usual suspects:

I’ve spotted a delicious looking recipe for banana and oat pancakes on Mel Bedggood’s blog (recommended reading), which I shall be adding to my list.  Looks like an excellent candidate for Sunday breakfast this week!

banana and bran muffins

who stole the muffin?

Who stole the muffin?

We always have a surfeit of bananas here – Riverford deliver them regularly, and I’m not a big fan.  We generally make banana bread or banana muffins, and I found a new recipe on the back of the bran flake box that I tried out yesterday for breakfast.

I suspect they would have risen better had I not left the egg out, but they tasted gorgeous, although they were too sweet.  I cut the sugar down from 225g to 200g, but I think I’ll try with less next time – far too much of a sugar rush for us

Makes 12 muffins

100g softened butter
200g demerara sugar
1 medium egg
3 bananas, peeled
150g natural yoghurt
225g plain flour
2 tsps baking powder
50g bran flakes
3-4 tbsp milk

Cream the butter and sugar in the food processor.

Add the rest of the ingredients, and blitz.

Divid mixture into a muffin tray (I use a silicon one), and bake for 25 minutes at gas 5, 375F/190C