stir-fried belly pork

stir fried belly pork

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Last Sunday, i.e. a week ago, we had roast belly pork with fennel seeds, and very nice it was too.  I wrapped the remains in some aluminium foil and put it in the fridge for later in the week, and then promptly forgot all about it, to my shame.

I remembered it on Saturday, part way through the fish pie frenzy, checked to make sure it was still ok, and resolve to do something with it on Sunday. I wanted something quick, as we were working yesterday, and were due out at the local pub quiz in the evening.

It was alright, thankfully.  In the morning, I chopped it up and set it to marinade in some cornflour, water, sesame oil and a little dry sherry (we are out of rice wine).  Then, when we were ready to eat, we minced ginger and garlic, chopped a red pepper, some spring onions and the last four mushrooms.

I deep fried the pork in batches until it was crispy, and drained on kitchen paper.  I kept the marinade. Then stir-fried the remaining ingredients with some five spice powder,  while we cooked some noodles.  Tipped in the marinade, added the cooked noodles and some chopped coriander.

Apart from the marinading aspect, 15 minutes start to finish.  And it worked very very well.