cabbage with mozzarella and pancetta

cabbage and mozzarella

This is one of our favourite Things To Do With Cabbage – it’s incredibly quick to make, and very nice to eat.

Shred half a cabbage – doesn’t matter what sort; this works with savoy, with hispi, with white, with green. Chop an onion, and a couple of cloves of garlic if you like – sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

I also used some cubed pancetta on this occasion, but it’s not essential either – it’s just as nice without.

Sauté the onion, and the optional garlic, in some olive oil until it’s soft – use a shallow pan with a lid – then add the cabbage, and keep stirring until it has started to soften.  Give it a good sprinkling of black pepper, then put a lid on it and cook for, oh, ten minutes.  Or more if you like your cabbage more soggy, or indeed less if you like it crunchier.  Keep an eye on it – depending on the cabbage you might need to add a little water.  Or I’ve added white wine, or vermouth.

While this is going on cook some pasta – tagliatelle works well.  Drain it, rinse it, add it to the pan, and hurl in one mozzarella cut into cubes.  Stir this all around until the cheese starts to melt, then decant into bowls and scoff.