Month: September 2009


As my loyal reader will have noticed, we’re moving house in a few weeks.  And we have to empty the freezers.  We just about eaten our way through all the prepared meals, so now we’re starting to make inroads on the raw ingredients.

For some reason, we had 3lbs of sausage meat in the freezer; I suspect it was left from Xmyth, when I would have planned and failed to make sausage rolls.  So out came 2lbs, and 1lb of mince.  Pete combined these with some allspice, ground dried ginger, black pepper, salt, fresh thyme, sage, majoram and savory, and a teaspoon of lazy garlic.  That made 53 small meatballs.

In the meantime, I sliced up two red and one yellow pepper, and sautéd them down with 1.5 thinly sliced red onions.  Bunged that in the slow cooker, then set to frying the meatballs in batches.  They went in the slow cooker too.

Then I tipped the oil out of the frying pan, and added a jar of tomato salsa (well, why not? – it needed eating!), a glass of red wine – the end of a bottle that had, inexplicably, not been drunk, and the last of the lazy garlic.  And a generous teaspoon of chilli flakes.  All into the slow cooker, with a bit of water.

It smells gorgeous, and will make lots of meals.

duck surprise

We had an overnight guest at the weekend, and decided to do a full fry up for Sunday breakfast.  (What’s that you say?  Oh – two packs of lamb mince from the freezer into a moussaka, and a bag of gooseberries similar into a goosegog and almond pudding, since you ask.)  So I retrieved a small pack of chipolatas from the freezer on Saturday night, in readiness.

And when Pete went to cook them, he discovered that actually, it was the bag of tiny duck fillets I’d bought in Sainsburys a few weeks ago when it was on special offer!  Breakfast was fine, as we had bacon, black pudding, eggs and mushrooms.

Half the duck was stir fried for Sunday’s supper, with mushrooms, courgette, red pepper.  The other half went into a risotto last night, with a sliced leek, and half a block of feta cheese left over from the moussaka.

Quite interesting, freezer diving!

bit light on the blogging front

My apologies for the lack of posts – we are moving house shortly, and thus we are eating our way through the contents of two freezers (one of which contained mostly stuff I’d already cooked). Trying to organise everything leaves little time for blogging, and also we’re consuming mostly the cooked stuff at the moment.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

lazy chicken team waste

the supermarket run

So called, because it was cooked up with all the stuff left over from our camping trip to Wales with our friends.

I had a pack of chicken thighs, so they were chopped up and browned off in some groundnut oil, then put in the slow cooker.  Then I fried off some onions in the oil, added a chopped aubergine and courgette, and a sliced red pepper.  I’d bought some “lazy” spices for the trip – jars of garlic, lemongrass, chilli, that sort of thing.  So in went garlic and harissa.  Then the juice of 1.5 lemons (there was a half in the fridge) and a lime, as we had heaps of citrus fruit left.

All into the slow cooker, left on high for about four hours, then turned down to low for the last two.

Served it with rice.  Lovely.