Month: January 2008

People are very odd

I was in our local farm shop this afternoon; a chap knocked down the wicker basket with the baguettes in it, and they fell on the floor. He started picking them up. *With tongs*. And putting them back in the basket.

This struck me as odd, to say the least. When I pitched up to the checkout and discovered he was not a member of staff, but a customer, so I said in dulcet tones to the girl that someone had knocked down the baguettes onto the floor, and put them back in the basket. The staff were not amused, and he scuttled off rapidly.

I then returned home from my round trip, and although our wonderful huge Amana American fridge / freezer was, without doubt, utterly full, I managed to feed it the following:

  • 2 packs of lamb mince, to make kofta meatballs
  • 5 packs of turkey mince, because Iggy loves it so
  • 12 hot cross buns
  • 8 bagels
  • 1 pack of sliced duck breast fillet, on special offer (will make a nice stir fry)

Yes, I went to Sainsburys – something I rarely do, because I hate it so, but we did need some bits, and there wasn’t enough to make a worthwhile online order, and it’s the cheapest place for petrol (although cheap is a ridiculous word, given the price of the bloody stuff).

And I bought a set of inks for the Canon in Staples, which are more expensive than bloody petrol. It’s no wonder we’re all broke.

Now then, shall I order a new Mac Pro? What do you say?

weekend 20/21 jan 08

Fairly quiet, as the weather was vile. Seems ages since we went for a yomp across the fields 🙁

On Saturday, we had lunch in Cafe Ceiturica – they had only one portion of kofta meatball casserole left (wah), so we shared it, and had a plate of their lovely kebabs too. Then Aldi for bits, down to Stoke Bishop for episode x of the Eternal Hunt for the Perfect Gas Lighter (no, this one ain’t it either), and the farm shop on the way home for meat and veg. We were still full when it came to supper time, so I made some cheese scones and some banananananana muffins. We ate the scones, but had to leave the muffins …

Sunday was mostly spent in evaluating visual mySQL tools, as the data we have inherited on the New Project is utterly incomprehensible. These tools seem to be pretty much all awful – Aqua Data Studio would be the best if it a) weren’t so slow, and b) didn’t disconnect itself silently from the database server. And at $400 a copy, I’d like to see a searchable help file, thankyouverymuch. I think we’ve settled on DBVisualizer, which seems to work reasonably well, and is priced at a more acceptable $149. 20 days left of the evaluation copy, so time will tell.

Had a brunchette of scrambly egg and bacon on toast, then cooked pork pot roast with mushrooms and apple for supper. This left 3/4 of a bramley, so I made the world’s smallest apple crumble with it. Freehand, as the battery in the scales gave out just as I’d measured the wholemeal flour. Still good, though.

And that’s it, apart from a rather soggen Cat Incident, which I am about to write up on the cat blog, should anyone be interested.