Month: June 2007

working weekend

we spent most of the weekend working;. I don’t think we’ve had a full day off for about four weeks, and it’s starting to show … making silly mistakes with server config files and flailing formed a large part of yesterday afternoon 🙁

which meant that the Complicated Cooking I’d planned fell into abeyance – it will have to be Duck with Lentils and Ceps tonight. Anyway, we scoffed a full english for brunch, and all we could manage at the end of a long afternoon was a bag of Kettle chips and some chocolate raisins. Very healthy. I was thwarted in my probably foolish desire for a last half glass of wine by finding that the bottle I’d put in the fridge was in fact *red*, due to perlmonger‘s inability to put the white wine in the left side of the wine rack. Probably just as well.

a couple of stirfry hints

We eat a lot of stirfries – quick, nutritious, tasty, ideal food in a hurry. Here’s a couple of tips – you probably all do this already, but never mind 🙂

  • if you’re stirfrying meat, before you start to prepare everything else, slice it and put it in a bowl with some soy sauce, and any combination of, say, rice wine (or dry sherry), sesame oil, maybe a bit of cornflour and water. It gives the meat a chance to take up some flavour, and leaves you a nice liquor to add at the end of the proceedings
  • roughly chop up the flesh of a lime and bung it in towards the end of the stirfrying stage. The flesh disintegrates and leaves a lovely sharp flavour behind.

simple food again

Concocted this for supper last night – quick and simple, tasty and healthy. What’s not to like? 🙂

Seed and core a red or green (bell) pepper, slice thinly. Slice a courgette into batons. Quarter an onion, then slice thinly. Finely chop as much garlic as you like (lots in our case) and some peeled fresh ginger (ditto) – I always use my Braun whizzy thing, which they will prize from my cold dead hands.

Heat about 3 tbsps groundnut in a wok until it’s Hot. Throw in the veg and garlic and ginger, and stir about until they look reasonably cooked to you; this entirely depends on how crunchy you like your veg – we did it for about six minutes. Add the juice of a lime, a sachet of coconut cream diluted with about the same again of boiling water, and the remains of a bunch of rather weary basil that was in the fridge. Sprinkle a little salt over, and cook for another couple of minutes.

Serve with rice or noodles – lovely.

simple food

The other night, Pete and I both had to be out of the house at 7.15. This is early for us – we don’t normally eat until about 8 p.m. And we forgot to get anything out of the freezer, and didn’t stop work till about 6.30.

So, one big pot of penne pasta. When cooked, drained it, ladled in some very good olive oil, stirred in some fresh basil, dished it up, sprinkled it with loads of fresh parmesan.

Gorgeous, and 20 minutes start to finish. I’d forgotten how good it was.